Extensive benefits of touch screen solutions in retail store marketing 

Extensive benefits of touch screen solutions in retail store marketing 

More than half of the world has gone digital. Customers are more comfortable in purchasing products and availing services online. Retailers are facing hard time to draw the customers in the store. Online shopping has made shopping very convenient for customers Smart Glass Thailand. So, retailers have to find an alternative to online shopping. It’s hard to find an alternative to electronic shopping, so how about making in store shopping a memorable experience for customers? Smart technology has made this feasible. With the emergence of digital signage in retail stores, more customers are enjoying their shopping. How digital signage has enhanced retail store marketing? Digital signage technology uses projector screen for retail store by displaying the products or content in the form of creative images or animated videos. 

The Role of Retail Technology in 2018

It is observed that customers are more influenced by digital posters for purchasing the product. Installing touch screen kiosks can be lucrative for retail stores Chiefway Smart Glass. What are the top benefits of equipping touch screen kiosks in retail store? An interactive touch screen kiosk will be convenient to customers. Customers prefer online shopping because of it is convenient. Customers can log in their information and it remains saved, they can browse the product without going to the store. But in retail stores, customers have to compare different products making it a cumbersome process. Using an interactive touch screen kiosk will be more efficient and responsive. 

In this fast life, customers want their space while shopping, they might not like being disturbed by sales personnel. Touch screen digital kiosks can replace the need to employ sales personnel. As the important tasks are performed by the kiosks. Touch screen kiosks saves the time of the customer and are more informative. For example, when customers walk in a retail store, they can do the billing on their own via touch screen kiosks. The barcode of the product is scanned and payment can be done electronically. Also, customers are familiar with touch screen technology. So, it won’t be difficult for them to use the machines. Touch screen kiosks can work 24/7 without getting exhausted and will not send paid leave or vacation.

Engaging with in-store tech

 They work with same consistency and quality day in day out. Retailers just need to plug in with a power source. Hence no need of night shift personnel. This will save retailers a lot of money they have been spending on wages and better-quality services. There is a common conception among retailers that touch screen kiosks are very expensive. With innovation in the technology, digital kiosks are becoming more affordable and accessible. Their maintenance cost is also low. But it is beneficial to get professional assistance before installing a digital kiosk. The initial cost can be high but returns are worth the money invested. Digital kiosks don’t take much space, you can install them in any space in your store. For example, mc Donald’s have also installed these touch screen digital kiosks that has enhanced customer experience. These digital kiosks help the customers to explore full menu and are very intuitive.