Buying Right: Mistakes When Choosing Shoes That Harm Your Health

Any girl will tell you – there are never many shoes. Even when the shelves are full of shoes and ten pairs of identical sneakers, there is always a good reason to join the ranks with a rookie. And some men are not inferior to young ladies in their love of shopping. But common sense should always be on the alert with a hint: the main thing is not quantity, but quality. After all, what is the use of a battery made of shoes if you constantly make the same  mistakes that day after day spoil your gait and harm your health?

We all make mistakes of varying magnitude and importance from time to time – this is normal. But some of them can backfire. And even delayed in time. And your casual shoes are at risk. When choosing the next pair, be guided not only by emotions, but also by common sense. And don’t make a mistake from the list below.

You do not get rid of shoes with worn out heels or worn out soles

Have you noticed that one side of the sole of your sneakers wears out much faster than the other? Or that the stable heel of new shoes is always undercut after a couple of months of wearing? This is normal. We all walk differently. But what is not entirely normal is to continue wearing worn-out shoes. Indeed, in such a pair, your body cannot, as before, distribute weight over the foot without deforming it – there is no support. So, instead of bringing your favorite pair of sneakers literally to the holes, change them more often. And don’t forget about prevention and new heel heels.

You don’t change your running shoes often enough

And the reason is not even an unpleasant smell or untidy appearance. As in the previous case, while you run, you wear down the outsole and damage the cushioning. And even over the entire surface. That already in a short time can affect the condition of the joints. Orthopedists advise runners to change their sports shoes after every 160 km they have worked. This can be a significant expense, we agree. But health is much more expensive, right?

You often wear too tight shoes

Yes, pumps or tight mens boots look pretty darn stylish. But constantly clenching your thumb and pinky are not the best things that can happen to your feet. The consequences will not be long in coming – the protruding bones and the deformed shape of the foot have not painted anyone yet. Not to mention the numerous calluses. The solution: at the very least, do not make this type of shoe part of your everyday wardrobe. Even if it is to you, oh, how it goes.